July copywriting update

I moved house this month, and after much grappling with single-handedly assembling flatpack furniture I’m now based in the countryside near Oxford. I already work with quite a few local clients, but if you’re looking for a copywriter in Oxford then give me a shout! Amidst the upheaval of moving I’ve managed to keep to a hectic copywriting schedule, which…

June 2018 copywriting update

June has been yet another hectic month for this freelance copywriter. Projects I’ve worked on this month include:

Website copy for an optician
Product descriptions for a major outdoor clothing brand
Website copy for the United Nations World Food Programme
Blog posts for a high street insurance company
Articles for the UK Domain
Blog posts for a site devoted to remote working
Blog posts for a wedding…

May 2018 copywriting update

Another busy month has been and gone, and I’ve welcomed a couple of new clients on board, which is always lovely. Among other things, I’ve been working on:

More product descriptions for the big-name outdoor clothing brand
Weekly blog posts for a major insurance company
Blog post and website copy for a wedding venue
Website copy for a company in the non-surgical cosmetics industry

April 2018 copywriting update

April has been my busiest month for a while, and I’ve been putting in very long days/weeks to get through everything, so I’ll keep today’s update short and sweet. My copywriting projects this month have included:

Lots and lots (and lots!) of product descriptions for a big-name outdoor clothing brand
Twice-weekly blog posts for a travel company based in Venice
Several articles on…

February 2018 copywriting update

Considering that February is such a short month, it’s amazing how much I’ve managed to pack into it, both in work and life. Work this month included:

Website copy for the World Food Programme
Lots of blog posts for the UK Domain
Website copy for a new app for the museum sector
A blog post for a UX design company
Product descriptions for a big-name…

December 2017 copywriting update

Another year of freelance copywriting draws to a close, and it’s been a great one. I’ve worked on some really interesting and challenging projects, received some lovely testimonials, and written more product descriptions than I can keep count of. December has been a shorter month with finishing for Christmas, but I’ve packed a lot into it, including:

About 150 product descriptions…

November 2017 copywriting update

November’s copywriting work was full of variety, with a schedule that saw me writing about jackets and boots one day and climate change in Senegal the next. Work included:

Loads of product descriptions for the big-name outdoor clothing brand
Weekly blog posts for the UK Domain
An insight piece and a couple of other stories for the World Food Programme
Blog posts for a…