About Rachel Ingram

Rachel Ingram MA (Oxon) Dip CW

Freelance Copywriter

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As a freelancer and sole trader, my copywriting business is just me - and it will always be that way. When you hire me, you get ME writing for you, as I NEVER outsource. I'd like to think I'm a pretty interesting person and I'm often able to inject some originality into my writing by bringing in my own life experience whenever possible. Here are a few facts about me so you can get to know me before you work with me:

  • I live in a tiny village, pretty much in the Cotswolds, with my husband Lee.
  • I was educated at home from the age of eight and I have a degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Oxford University.
  • I volunteer one morning a week for the charity Guide Dogs. I'm a "Puppy Socialiser", which basically means I get to cuddle loads of very cute 6-week-old puppies.
  • I have a Private Pilot's Licence, flying helicopters and small planes. My husband and I have a small fleet of aircraft with interesting names like Wilhelm and Gwendoline.
  • I adore BBC Radio 4 and will listen to pretty much anything on it. I'm afraid to say that I'm also an Archers addict.
  • With Lee, I run an aviation gift experiences company called Air Experiences and I'm the communications officer for MotorGlide.
  • I have appeared on the TV quiz show Eggheads.